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The best Xcode plugins

The best Xcode plugins

There are a lot of Xcode plugins to augment the IDE with additional features, conveniences etc., but it is a pain to discover and install such plugins. Alcatraz is a really great package manager that makes it a breeze to install Xcode plugins. Here’s how it looks:

In Alcatraz, you’ll find plugins, color schemes and templates for code fragments. You can install it by visiting

Here are some of the best Xcode plugins available in Alcatraz to boost your productivity:

Fuzzy Autocomplete

Like the fuzzy search in the Open Quickly (? + Shift + O) dialog? Bring the same fuzzy search to variable auto completion:

Easy text manipulation


Make your debugging sessions more pleasant with this plugin that auto hides the debugger as soon as you start typing:

Adjust Font Size

Increase or decrease font size with ?+ or ?-.


See the actual image while typing [UIImage imageNamed:]. Magical!


See localisations of a string as you type NSLocalizedString


Quickly convert @"string" to NSLocalizedString(@"content", @"content") with a keyboard shortcut


Like KSImageNamed, but for UIColors. Don’t like the color? Edit it with the standard color picker, and the plugin will insert the RGB values for you:

Developer Color Picker

Pick colors from anywhere in the system, and copy them as[UIColor colorWithRed:blue:green]


Have an enum, and want to write a switch statement with all enum values? Type the variable, and the plugin generates all the cases:


Get a Sublime Text like minimap in the standard Xcode editor


Jump between methods, pragma marks etc. with keyboard shortcuts.


Align code around the = sign, by #defines and @property


Bring Vim key bindings to Xcode. Sadly this plugin breaks with Xcode 5.1.

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