Milano Digital Week: Applicazione Web 4.0: vivere un progetto complesso in 4 giorni

Facebook Messenger launches group bots and bot discovery tab

Facebook today launched two powerful ways for people to find Messenger bots to use, addressing the discovery problem that’s plagued the platform’s 100,000 developers.

What Every Junior iOS Developer Needs to Know

Developing apps for iOS has been a growing sector for some time.

Designing for the Apple TV

We find ourselves in an interesting period of UI design for the big screen.

Top 5 Android libraries every Android developer should know about.

In June 2014, we published an article about top 5 Android libraries we were using back then and believed every Android developer should know about

Why the iPad Pro needs Xcode

Android Dev Summit

Join us for 2 days of deep technical sessions from and networking.

An iOS Developer on React Native

When I first caught wind of React Native, I thought of it as nothing more than a way for web developers to dip their feet into native mobile apps.

iOS Development Tips

The best Xcode plugins

Apple’s plan to kill the hamburger menu

During Apple’s September event it announced a new technology called 3D Touch as part of the iPhone 6s.

The Apple Human Interface Guideline That Every App Ignores

Why We Care and Why You Should Too

Making Learning Easy by Design

How Google's Primer team approached UX

A gem for every occasion: 11 great Rails libraries we use on every project

As you work with your favorite programming language, you often look for tools to make your job easier.

What I Saw Inside Apple’s Top-Secret Input Lab

An exclusive look at how Macintosh accessories are prototyped and tested

Inside Apple's Mac accessory testing lab

Design seems to be at the heart of every new Apple product.

Best Ruby On Rails refactoring talks

Refactoring is the craft of improving the design of an existing code without changing its external behavior. Just like with everything else, you get better at it with practice and continuous learning. 

The Colors Of An App Icon

At Appbot we get to see a lot of app icons while providing insights into app reviews.

Top 5 iOS libraries every iOS developer should know about

You probably know that using third-party libraries in your iOS projects can save you a lot of time and hassle. The question is, which libraries are worth using? Read on and find out!

Mobile: 2015 UI / UX Trends

Whether on an app screen, a web browser, or a wearable watch face, design is one of the most important drivers of consumer engagement.

The full stack developer is a myth

Well, that’s not completely true, but you’ll never find one. “True” full stack developers exist, but so do geniuses and people who have been coding since they were 12.

What Employers Are Looking for in a Junior Android Dev

We recently wrote a post that discussed what employers are looking for a in Jnr Ruby Dev. It was very popular so we thought we would tackle a different discipline this time – Android development.

Adblockers top the App Store for iOS 9 users

Less than 24 hours after the release of iOS 9, it’s interesting to see that adblockers are shooting to the top of the charts in the App Store worldwide.