Who we are:

We used to ferry big companies to digital world until one of them chose us forever as its digital alter-ego:
so yes, we are partner of Telepass! It will spread worldwide soon, we are working on it. Telepass who? Once upon a time a tolling system, now it is the biggest digital company on mobility in Italy, Also thanks to us!

We are a fast-growing company: 12 people in 2019, now we are more than 50 and expected to grow up to 80+ people during 2020. Why are we so special? We love to work together, we take care of each other, we are young but tough and such lovely nerds.

Mission of the role:
Build, deliver, monitor and maintain products for internal and external Customers.
  • Collects requirements from internal or external customers
  • Researches, designs, writes and tests new software programs/applications using Agile software methodologies
  • Maintains systems by monitoring, identifying and correcting software defects
  • Analyses and fixes production issues, whilst evolving services’ and working on optimization
  • Investigates new technologies
  • Produces technical documentation
  • Can do public tech speeches / training events
  • Contributes to identify bottlenecks on the architecture / infrastructure and propose evolution for continuous improvement
  • Assesses and creates processes to help the technological evolution of the company
  • Helps in design and implement the building blocks of the company software architecture
  • Produces guidelines and documentation to foster alignment on the company vision for architecture
The software architecture and the technological stack the person will have to feel at ease, in order to produce maintainable, testable and performing Java source code is the following:
  • Hexagonal architecture
  • SOLID principles
  • HTTP and REST paradigm (level 2 of the Richardson Maturity Model)
  • Java SE 14, with functional paradigm, and a strong use of stream, map / filter / collect and optional type parameters
  • Microprofile.io runtime (Quarkus by RedHat) and related API (for example microprofile- config, microprofile-jwt, microprofile-openapi, microprofile-metrics, microprofile-health)
  • JAX-RS to expose and consume REST services
  • JAX-WS to consume SOAP service
  • JSONB and JAXB for JSON and XML serialization and deserialization
  • CDI for dependency injection (constructor based)
  • JPA for persistence with SQL db
  • promises with CompletionStage
  • Juni5, AssertJ and Mockito for unit tests (with coverage target> 90%).
The development team uses IDEA and Eclipse as IDE, git as a versioning tool, maven as a build tool, and a microservices architecture built with Docker containers running on a Kubernetes cluster, working independently (but on a shared code base) and in pairs as needed, with daily alignment meetings (including stand-up).
What we expect:
  • Has working knowledge and experience in own discipline
  • Continues to acquire higher level of knowledge and skills, builds knowledge of the organization, processes and customers
  • Performs a range of mainly straightforward assignments
  • Analyses possible solutions using standard procedures
  • Receives a moderate level of guidance and direction
  • Has in-depth knowledge in own discipline and basic knowledge of related disciplines
  • Solves complex problems; takes a new perspective on existing solutions
  • Works independently; receives minimal guidance
  • May lead projects or project steps within a broader project or have accountability for ongoing activities or objectives
  • Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience
  • May represent the level at which career may stabilize for many years or even until retirement
What we offert:
  • An environment where innovation merges with freedom of expression
  • Diversity by age, nationality and background
  • Agile, strong and scalable working methodology
  • Career Ladder and appealing compensation package (RAL, LTI, bonus up to 20%, benefits-> such as Welfare, transportation, food)