Who we are:

We are wise
We used to lead big companies towards the digital world until one of them chose us forever as its digital soul: Telepass. So yes, we are partners of the biggest mobility company in Italy. The one from the tolls? Not anymore.
We are working on dozens of new incredible projects that will make Telepass the first fully digital giant of green, urban and shared mobility in our country.

We are special
We love to work together and take care of each other. We are young yet tough, with huge expertise in the digital industry. We’ve been hired because we are skilled, sure, but mostly because we strive to grow and improve in a challenging environment.

We are a fast-growing company
12 people in 2019, now we are more than 80 and expected to grow up to 100 people during 2021. Why are we so special? We love to work together, we take care of each other, we are young but tough and such lovely nerds.

Mission of the role:
Ensure sustainable product development, prioritization of new features and enhancements to existing features provide. Analyze, understand and share learnings from experimentation to build a strong knowledge base of the product e/o Ensure the planning, management and monitoring of project with a high impact on the product.
  • Identifies internal stakeholders needs through periodic alignements and analysis
  • Prioritizes new features and enhancements to existing features
  • Collaborates with the other POs for product alignements
  • Analyses, understands and shares learnings from experimentation to build a strong knowledge base of the product
  • Thrives to achieves optimal implementation of changes made to the product
  • Provides clarity for the development team and increase the chances of product success
  • Identifies customers behaviours and needs through research and analysis
  • Collaborates in deciding next priorities by learning from data
  • Monitors all the progress coordinating the stakeholders involved
  • Is the focal point of the organization, implementation and deliver of the project.
  • Previous experience as a Product Owner or similar role in product management
  • Strong digital background/expertise in digital projects with a mobile first approach
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies
  • Hands-on experience managing all stages of the product life cycle
What we expect:
  • Is recognized as an expert in own area within the organization
  • Has specialized depth and/or breadth of expertise in own discipline or function
  • Interprets internal or external issues and recommends solutions/best practices
  • Solves complex problems; takes a broad perspective to identify solutions
  • May lead functional teams or projects
  • Works independently, with guidance in only the most complex situations
What we offer:
  • An environment where innovation merges with freedom of expression
  • Diversity by age, nationality and background
  • Agile, strong and scalable working methodology
  • Career Ladder and appealing compensation package (RAL, LTI, bonus up to 20%, benefits-> such as Welfare, transportation, food)